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Terms and policies for website use
The terms and conditions are stated as follows. (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is a contract between Smart Innovation Creative Company Limited and other affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) “Service Provider”) as a service provider of various websites and applications on behalf of estateposter.com to users or members of estateposter.com (hereinafter referred to as “User”) as a user of the service Please read this agreement carefully and completely.

This Agreement governs and sets the conduct for Users' use of the estateposter.com website and applications. which depends on the policy and discretion of estateposter.com unilaterally

Use or service of the website or application of estateposter.com It is subject to the condition that the user agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement. without any changes or exemptions that differ from those specified in this Agreement. Users are not considered authorized. (whether directly or indirectly) providing use or services on the website or application of estateposter.com Unless the service user has expressed his intention to agree to accept the terms and conditions specified in this agreement in all respects before starting to use the service or the service. If the user does not accept these terms or conditions, please do not enter. or use or use services on the website or application of estateposter.com
The user's access Use or service Download the application estateposter.com From any app store, post announcements, chat, communicate with buyers or sellers, apply for membership, press any menu command, or press to enter the next page on the website or application. estateposter.com This is considered acceptance which is equivalent to the user's electronic signature. This is an indication of the user's intent to understand thoroughly and agree to abide by the terms. All conditions specified in this agreement and various regulations according to the policies of Estateposter.com in all respects. This declaration of intent creates a binding legal obligation that is valid and irrevocable.
Website and application platforms Estateposter.com retains all rights to all intellectual property rights related to the Platform, member accounts, data, content and services on the website and applications. estateposter.com It is considered the property of estateposter.com sole Users only receive limited rights. that is not limited to one person and can be revoked Intellectual property rights related to the information content posted by users belong to the users or their respective licensors.

1. Membership Terms and Conditions
1.1. The applicant for membership is a natural person, juristic person or an authorized representative from any organization or agency. both legally registered and unregistered All details must be filled in truthfully. such as personal history information First and last name, organization name and other information required for member registration
1.2. The website does not allow natural persons. who are not yet of legal age to apply for membership and make transactions unless permission is obtained from parents
1.3. Registration using the information of other people or other organizations is not allowed. that is not one's own unless written permission is obtained from the owner or authorized person.
1.4. Member accounts on the website are the property of the service provider. The service provider has the right to delete, edit or suspend the account. without prior notice
1.5. Members must keep login information and website usage information secret.
1.6. Member or user Information must be presented to verify identity with the service provider. You must show various evidence for certification. such as government documents and various legal documents As requested by the service provider
1.7. Throughout the membership period Users must abide by the policies and rules and regulations of their use. and does not cause damage to the system or other users
1.8. The service provider reserves the right to suspend the account. Members who have violated and cause damage to the website and other users and violate the terms of use There is no need to notify in advance.
2. Posting requirements and use of content
2.1. Users are not allowed. Copying content, announcements, messages, from other sources into the system without permission from the owner.
2.2. Users are not allowed. Use any automatic programs or software such as bot programs, posting assistant programs, etc. to post advertisements. or send a message and content entered into the system
2.3. Users must not display illegal content. Content that is defamatory and infringes on the rights of others. Including content that causes chaos and goes against moral principles. Content related to violence and harassment of others Including all false information.
2.4. Users are not allowed to use programs or programming commands. as well as any software To extract information or extract content from websites unless allowed From Smart Innovation Creative Company Limited in writing
2.5. The service provider has the right to edit, delete, or change content. of service users If it is found that the content affects the system This will be notified via email to the member who published the content.
3. Requirements regarding information and computer systems
3.1. Various information, including content, databases, images, logos and symbols, buttons, and various files. It is the property of the service provider. Members as well as users or visitors to the website are not allowed to download it. or used without written consent.
3.2. Users are prohibited from doing anything that causes damage to the computer system, software, and source code of the website, as well as accessing various information without permission.
3.3. Users are prohibited from installing any data or commands that are harmful to the system. such as programming commands and various malware enter the website and other systems of Smart Innovation Creative Company Limited
3.4. The Company is not responsible for any data uploaded to the service provider's servers. Users must verify that information before uploading it into the system.
3.5. Do not allow anyone to use Robots, Phishing, Spiders, Scripts, Scrapers, Crawlers, Spamming or similar actions. Regardless of any method, which is an unlawful and unwanted action against the computer database and related computer systems of estateposter.com
4. Responsibilities and duties of users
4.1. Users are responsible for preparing computer equipment, software, internet systems, electricity, and various technological equipment. in using the system
4.2. Users have a duty to store login information in a safe place. To prevent theft from other people and use the user's information or account until it is damaged
4.3. Users must be responsible for checking and filtering the content to be posted. or published on the website so as not to cause damage to the content Copyright infringement Threaten or cause distress to others and society or breaking the law in the Kingdom of Thailand
5. Intellectual Property Copyright Terms
5.1. Content information, images, media, both animation and sound, that users import into the system. It is information that the user has allowed the service provider to release to the public. For various businesses such as advertising, marketing, public relations Under the Personal Data Protection Policy
5.2. Source code and various media, including text, content, as well as various files, are the sole property of Smart Innovation Creative Company Limited. Users have the right to use that information. You must comply with this policy and terms of use.
6. Financial Transaction and Refund Policy
6.1. Users must check the balance during financial transactions.
6.2. The company does not refund money. If the user orders the package due to negligence or errors from users themselves That is not a mistake from the system. estateposter.com
6.3. Users must study the details of various packages and membership plans before deciding to pay. If payment has been made The company reserves the right not to refund any money in any case.
6.4. The Company will refund the money to the User in the event of a system error. Damage occurred or unable to provide service
6.5. The company has the authority to change service fees, package fees, and membership fees within the website. without prior notice
6.6. Accounts suspended and content removed from the website due to use that violates the law and the Terms of Use policy. There will be no right to a refund in any case.
7. Disclaimer
7.1. Estateposter.com It is a medium for posting announcements. Buy-Sell-Rent-Service related to real estate but does not have a relationship with the user as a contracting party Including not being involved in the content that users publish in the system.
7.2. Transactions of buying, selling or renting or receiving services between users It is an agreement of both parties. estateposter.com not relevant and is not responsible for such transactions.
7.3. Any offense caused by user content. estateposter.com has no part in that responsibility The user is solely responsible.
7.4. Estateposter.com Not responsible in case of force majeure such as problems with the electrical system Network problems Disaster problems Various natural disasters Including other problems that makes users Can't use the system
website estateposter.com Conducting business under the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand Actions that violate any part of the terms and policies that result in damage to the company, the public, users, or society, which are violations of the law in the Kingdom of Thailand. The company will prosecute offenders according to the law immediately.
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